Cookie Policy

The EU Think you Want to Read This

What’s this all about then?

UsedMac aims to make it easy for our users to find second hand Macs, iPhones and iPads online and buy them for the right price. In order to do this we have spent hundreds of man (and woman) hours researching, designing, writing, coding and brewing up to make our website one of the best around. All this costs money (mostly teabags really) so we rely on small commissions from the auction sites we refer users to. In order to keep our website and price tools free to use we need to pay for server costs.

Enough of this, tell me about cookies.

Okay. In order for most websites to work cookies are used. These are small files that your browser downloads to assist in displaying websites and utilising the features they offer. These cookies are not dangerous, they are simple text files not programs. They are designed to be read by a browser to communicate with a website. The term cookie is quite generic as, while the structure is the same, these files vary considerably in their functions. We’ve designed this information page to tell you what cookies we use and what that means to you.

How do you guys use cookies?

One of the ways we use cookies is to communicate with auction sites what users we are referring. When you browse our auction pages and then click through to a listing a small selection of cookies are placed on your computer. These cookies hold no personal information, they simply allow our partner sites to track where the customer has originated from. This is essential for us to receive a commission mentioned above. Without this mechanism we could not offer such a detailed website for free. We also use several cookies to power other areas of our website such as user registrations/logins and Google Analytics.

Right, that sounds reasonable. Tell me a little more.

Several cookies are used as part of Google Analytics. This is a service that allows us to track user behaviour on our site so we can try to improve it for users. It is important to note this is anonymous and you can’t be identified personally.

If you click through to an auction listing on a 3rd party site such as eBay some small tracking cookies are set. These are dynamically created so we cannot list them here. They don't contain personal information. In addition you will then need to understand the cookies the website we refer you to will set, which are beyond our control. For further information on eBay cookies click here

I'm still not sure. Can I block these Cookies?

Yes you can set your browser to block cookies but you may not be able to use websites as you are used to. UsedMac will also be unable to provide a free service if everyone did block cookies. You can find out more about performance marketing and referral cookies at this great resource: IAB Cookies Explained