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Used iMac Buying Guide

The iMac has been the main weapon in Apple’s desktop range since its launch in 1998 as the G3. An all-in-one, the iMac is essentially an Apple Display with a very good built-in computer.

The second hand iMac’s best suited to modern requirements will be the aluminium unibody models, dating from late 2009 onwards. Anything before this will struggle to run the latest version of OS X or render the modern graphic-heavy web pages we seem to have today with other applications open. The models from 2007-9 will still be able to do a decent job if multi-tasking is kept to a minimum.

iMac Display Guide

From late 2009 onwards, the available screen sizes for the iMac have been 21.5” and 27”. The 24” models were discontinued after the final release in early 2009. There is a fair difference between a 21.5” and 27” screen when you are sat in front of it – and prices do reflect this. If you are buying a secondhand iMac for design purposes then go for the 27”, but for general home use then a 21.5” is perfect – you can spend the difference on getting a higher specification

The iMac with Retina display was launched in late 2014, however not all models from 2014 and 2015 have the Retina Display, so make sure you check the specification of the model you are buying.

RAM Requirements

RAM requirements may vary depending on how you intend using your iMac - lots of multi-tasking and you'll need more RAM.

Bear in mind that RAM isn't that expensive and it's quite straightforward to upgrade. Therefore a bargain machine with less RAM could still work out cheaper than one that already has it.

Upgrading RAM

We recommend visiting the Crucial website to buy RAM to upgrade your iMac. If you want to order RAM before you receive an item you have purchased then use their dropdown menu to select the particular model and go from there. If you already have the machine then use their system scanner tool to quickly find the correct RAM.

Slim Body

The newest design of iMac has a slimmer body than the original aluminium unibody models. Models from 2012 onwards are the newer slim body and certain models from late 2014 onwards have the Retina Display. It’s worth noting that the original aluminium unibody design is still very attractive and sleek compared to other manufacturers offerings. Therefore we would still highly recommend models from this range as they both look good and perform well.

Software & Accessories

Most secondhand hand iMacs will have a fresh install of OS X and the basic Apple software included in that particular release. Some may be pre-loaded with, or include the original disks for, certain software packages such as Abobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, MS Office and others.

Read the full listing to understand what software, if any, is included and ask the seller if it doesn't state anything. It is definitely worth paying extra for fully loaded iMac as software packages can cost a lot of money if you buy them separately.

Many secondhand iMac sales do not include any additional accessories although some may include an official Apple keyboard and mouse - and others may have compatible peripherals.

Secondhand or Refurb?

One of the main questions we get asked is whether to buy secondhand or refurbished. Unsurprisingly, the answer is 'it depends...'!

Factors to consider include budget, model, seller, the value you personally place in a guarantee or warranty (and if you are willing to pay extra for that). See our tips section for more help.

Auction or Buy It Now?

On our listings page there is a further option to refine your search to show only auction items or Buy It Now (BIN) items.

The price displayed for auction items is the current highest bid whereas BIN items display the price you can pay immediately to secure the item. Read our full guide on buying via auctions and BIN for further information.

Buyer Protection

There are various ways to pay for a secondhand Mac online, each offering a differing level of buyer protection.

As purchasing used items does carry a natural level of risk, we recommend you read our guide on payment types and your rights and options when receiving faulty or falsely described goods.