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Used iPad Buying Guide

The original iPad was launched in April 2010 and, while remaining relatively consistent in appearance, it has improved almost immeasurably in recent years. Each iteration of the iPad has seen improvements from the original and this hasn’t simply been related to speed and performance.

The iPad Pro and iPad Air 2 are currently the best tablets available, although some of the earlier iPad models are still perfectly usable and very good value for money when bought second hand. We’d advise going for the latest model generation you can afford – once you’ve decided on this then there are a few other main factors to consider depending on your requirements.

iPad Display Guide

From the iPad 3 onwards, a Retina Display was incorporated, giving crisp and sharp visuals. All apps are now designed for the Retina display and it has become the standard now it is established.

The iPad 2 does not boast a Retina Display.


You'll typically pay a £100 premium when new for the ability to get online on the move with mobile internet, plus the cost of data from whichever mobile network you decide to use.

So is the £100 premium for mobile connectivity worth it? After our experience of having an iPad WiFi + 4G for a year: definitely. The biggest joy of a used iPad with mobile connectivity is being able to just get online wherever you have signal seamlessly. For us it really makes the device - and it is a great reason for buying a used iPad in order to reduce the £100 premium compared to buying new.

Even if you don't want to pay for data all the time and only occasionally top up a PAYG micro SIM, its better to have the option than not.

If you are sure you always have Wi-Fi wherever you go, or you simply don’t plan on your iPad leaving your house (some people don’t take it anywhere) then save the cash or spend it on getting more storage. Which brings us on to…

If you think you'll mostly use your iPad at home as a coffee table browsing device, then we would recommend keeping it cheap and getting the 16GB Wi-Fi model. Whether a used iPad 2, iPad 3, or Air you're getting a great web experience with a massive battery life compared to many laptops.

If you're a big fan of video and your music and are going to be taking your iPad away on long trips then we'd recommend getting as much storage as you can afford. This will enable you to sync as many songs and videos to it as possible whilst your away from your computer.

With the advancement of cloud-based storage then it is possible to keep most of your media online, saving you the need for physical storage space. However accessing this is dependent on having an internet connection – so you’ll need to combine this choice with your previous decision on connectivity.


All iPad model generations come in varying storage capacities, ranging from 16GB to 64GB and 128GB for newer models. Listings and secondhand values will reflect this capacity and, if you don't require much storage, you can benefit from a lower price for a 16GB or 32GB model.With the increased usage of iCloud and other cloud-based storage, it is possible to keep your media files (the ones that take a lot of space) online, reducing your need for storage. However, using the cloud does require good connectivity, meaning if you buy a WiFi only model you would have to wait until you have a WiFi connection in order to access iCloud. In this case we recommend buying a larger capacity iPad.


As with all Apple products (Iphone 5C and Ipods excepted) the iPad isn't the most colourful of items, favouring classic black, white and more recently gold, silver and grey styling.

There isn't much difference between secondhand prices for each colour, as this is determined more by the item condition and specifications.

Secondhand or Refurb?

One of the main questions we get asked is whether to buy secondhand or refurbished. Unsurprisingly, the answer is 'it depends...'!

Factors to consider include budget, model, seller, the value you personally place in a guarantee or warranty (and if you are willing to pay extra for that). See our tips section for more help.

Auction or Buy It Now?

On our listings page there is a further option to refine your search to show only auction items or Buy It Now (BIN) items.

The price displayed for auction items is the current highest bid whereas BIN items display the price you can pay immediately to secure the item. Read our full guide on buying via auctions and BIN for further information.

Buyer Protection

There are various ways to pay for a secondhand Mac online, each offering a differing level of buyer protection.

As purchasing used items does carry a natural level of risk, we recommend you read our guide on payment types and your rights and options when receiving faulty or falsely described goods.