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Used Mac Mini Buying Guide

Secondhand or Refurb?

One of the main questions we get asked is whether to buy secondhand or refurbished. Unsurprisingly, the answer is 'it depends...'!

Factors to consider include budget, model, seller, the value you personally place in a guarantee or warranty (and if you are willing to pay extra for that). See our tips section for more help.

Auction or Buy It Now?

On our listings page there is a further option to refine your search to show only auction items or Buy It Now (BIN) items.

The price displayed for auction items is the current highest bid whereas BIN items display the price you can pay immediately to secure the item. Read our full guide on buying via auctions and BIN for further information.

Buyer Protection

There are various ways to pay for a secondhand Mac online, each offering a differing level of buyer protection.

As purchasing used items does carry a natural level of risk, we recommend you read our guide on payment types and your rights and options when receiving faulty or falsely described goods.