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Secondhand Apple Mac Pro Overview

The Mac Pro was first released in 2006 and, after a brief pause in production, it was re-released in 2013 in a fresh design. Available as a workstation or server, the Mac Pro is the most powerful computer that Apple offers. Most second hand Mac Pro items will be customized in terms of RAM and HDD; some might be sold with a display but mainly they will be offered as the workstation only.

Mac Pro 1st Generation

As the replacement for the Power Mac G5, Apple moved to an Intel-based architecture for the Mac Pro. It retained the rectangular aluminium casing, albeit with an additional optical drive bay. The first generation Mac Pro is available in a variety of specifications, with dual-core, quad-core and 6-core processors (a 2 processor setup is possible allowing for up to 12 cores), up to 128GB RAM (2009 onwards) and several HDD options.

Mac Pro 2nd Generation

Almost a year after Apple stopped taking orders for the previous model, they released the completely redesigned second generation Mac Pro: A polished and reflective aluminium cylinder, built around a central thermal dissipation core. It is much smaller than the previous design, mainly owing to the absence of obsolete optical drive bays. The performance has been greatly improved using the latest quality components and the new PCIe Flash storage is 2.4x faster than SATA solid state drives.

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