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Used MacBook Air Buying Guide

The MacBook Air was released as an ultra-thin, ultra-portable laptop with the main focus being portability. As well as being incredibly sleek and well designed, the lower power requirements meant the battery life was superb for something so light and portable.

There is now a question mark over the future of the MacBook Air, with the release of the New MacBook that is another 24% thinner than the Air. Currently, there is space for both, with the MacBook Air boasting better processing power and the New MacBook benefiting from the Retina Display. Until battery technology improves there is a possiblity that both products will stay sifficently different to retain their identities. Even if the Air is retired soon, the market for secondhand models will remain bouyant as it is a great choice for a used laptop.

All models since 2011 will have Core i5 processors meaning performance is still pretty good although the onboard graphics do compromise performance for anyone looking to use anything resource intensive. Used MacBook Air’s are still a high enough spec to use now and for the foreseeable future and anything from late 2008 will also run OS X Mavericks. So which do you want? Well it comes down to the simple preference of size and budget: the 11.6 inch will be fine for the majority of users. If you’ve got the extra cash then grab the 13 inch with the bigger screen and hard drive. It’s a beautiful piece of engineering.

MacBook Pro Display Guide

The MacBook Air comes with either an 11.6" or 13.3" display - currently Apple has not integrated their Retina Displays into the range. The 13.3" MacBook Air was launched with a fanfare (you may remember the brown envelope adverts) in early 2008 and a smaller 11.6" model first appeared in 2010.

RAM Requirements

RAM requirements may vary depending on how you intend using your MacBook Air - lots of multi-tasking and you'll need more RAM.

Upgrading RAM in a MacBook Air is not possible as the memory is soldered onto the logicboard - compromises had to be made in order to retain thinness... Therefore be sure to buy a MacBook Air with enough RAM for your requirements.

The 2008 and 2009 MacBook Air models have 2GB RAM, 2010 annd 2011 models have 2GB or 4GB whereas 2012 onwards will have 4GB or 8GB depending on what was ordered initially.

Battery Life

From new, the MacBook Air is advertised with a long battery life - up to 9hrs for the 11.6" and 12hrs for the 13.3" models. This means that even with the reduced life on a secondhand model, you can still expect some very good portable usability.

Secondhand MacBook Air battery lifespan is dependent on the charge cycles and other factors such as if the laptop has mainly been used plugged in, or left in a de-charged state for a while. Always enquire about battery condition if it isn't mentioned in the listing.

Different models of the MacBook Pro have varying maximum cycle counts so read our battery tips page for further information.

Software Packages

Most secondhand hand MacBook Airs will have a fresh install of OS X and the basic Apple software included in that particular release. Some may be pre-loaded with, or include the original disks for, certain software packages such as Abobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, MS Office and others.

Read the full listing to understand what software, if any, is included and ask the seller if it doesn't state anything. It is definitely worth paying extra for fully loaded MacBook Pro as software packages can cost a lot of money if you buy them separately.

Secondhand or Refurb?

One of the main questions we get asked is whether to buy secondhand or refurbished. Unsurprisingly, the answer is 'it depends...'!

Factors to consider include budget, model, seller, the value you personally place in a guarantee or warranty (and if you are willing to pay extra for that). See our tips section for more help.

Auction or Buy It Now?

On our listings page there is a further option to refine your search to show only auction items or Buy It Now (BIN) items.

The price displayed for auction items is the current highest bid whereas BIN items display the price you can pay immediately to secure the item. Read our full guide on buying via auctions and BIN for further information.

Buyer Protection

There are various ways to pay for a secondhand Mac online, each offering a differing level of buyer protection.

As purchasing used items does carry a natural level of risk, we recommend you read our guide on payment types and your rights and options when receiving faulty or falsely described goods.